Anne-Marie O’Farrell, harpist and composer

“Mel, I’m really thrilled with my new website, Even though my content was quite detailed with a lot of different categories, you’ve made it really clear and easy to navigate.  I’m getting great feedback from site viewers that it’s very user-friendly as well as being both clear and stylish.”
Anne-Marie O’Farrell

Anne-Marie O’Farrell, renowned Irish harpist and composer. Anne-Marie’s website includes a large e-commerce store encompassing her sheet music, albums and publications.

The Good Form

“ did a super job building The Good Form website.  Melissa quickly grasped our needs and requirements, communicated with us regularly and brought plenty of ideas to the table with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Top marks for functionality, dynamism, turnaround time, support and cost.”
Annelies Coghlan, ICTR (The Good Form)

The Good Form is an initiative led by a group of Irish charities working together to increase the impact of charitable donations through maximising tax relief.

Sydenham Montessori

“I was delighted with designing the website for Sydenham Montessori. Melissa did a superb job in designing both the look of the website and at the same time she was able to get across all the relevant information in a very accessible way. I found Melissa to be efficient, creative and cost effective.”
Maria Gillis, Sydenham Montessori

Sydenham Montessori is a Montessori school based in South Dublin that has recently joined the Irish government’s ECCE scheme to provide a year of pre-school education to all children before they start primary school.